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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Interview with Danica Wu

Interview with Danica Wu #19 Sophmore, Midfielder

How long have you been playing soccer?
Since I was 4
Do you play any other sports?
I've tried every sport out there, but soccer is my true calling
Why did you choose soccer?
It is fun not only because it not only brings out your competitive spirit, but I love the team aspect of it
Other than your position, what other positions can you play?
I try to be as versatile as possible, but really I try to stick to center mid, the occasional outside mid and if it really came down to it an outside defender. I guess where ever the team needs me.
Do you plan on going pro?
When school is over, who knows. I may want to dive it a shot and see if it works out. It would be an honor to have the chance and a great opportunity that I don't think I would be able to pass up.
What is your major?
I am currently planning on majoring in pharmaceutical sciences and minoring in Chinese.
Who is a major influence in you soccer career?
The person who influneced me the most would be my dad. He has been my coach, supporter and just everything to me ever since I started.
What is your relationship with your teammates?
My teammates are my best friends and are basically like the sisters I never had. I know everyone says that about their team, but until you really experience it, I don't know, we area ll just so close and able to share everything. I love it!
What do you think holds the team together?
Hmm... well one binding component could be our love of the game and out desire to win and achieve something great together. The other, I think is that we all trust and believe in each other. It;s hard not to when you are striving to survive through pre-season and work your tail off everyday during practice or fitness.
What players do you play well with?
I would like to think I play well with everyone on my team, though it is easier to play with those who play your position because they understand the role and how you think. It is funny though, I am from Canada, and there are 3 other Canadians on the team, and whenever we are together the team likes to joke and say that we are playing in an international friendly, US against Canada. Of course us Canadians always come out on top though!! :)
As a soccer player, what do you feel like is your strongest point? Weakest point?
I think my strongest point is my understanding of the game, and being able to "read it". When you are "in the game", its like eveyting around you is in slow motion and passes and interceptions are so obvious. It is such like an addictive high that you work on the other oats of your game, like the technical and physical part, so that you can focus on being in the present and not having to worry about anything else.
What is or has been your biggest obstacle in your soccer career?
My weakest would be that I sometimes lose focus and drift off during a game. Soccer is a 90 minute + game that requires attention the whole time. If for one second you aren't there, you could be trailing by 1.
I think the biggest obstacle in my career happened when I was 11 and coaches were telling me I was too small to play for them. I am 5''1 now and have always been small for my age and people just didn't think I would be able to hold my own and they tried to convince my parents that I could get hurt if I tried to play at a higher level. I think it was something I needed to hear because that made me change to way I played. I couldn't use physical strength to compete with the other girls so my dad taught me to be faster and smarter. He definitely saved my life and career!

What is your biggest accomplishment in your career with Ohio State?
From a personal accomplishment point of view I think I am a better player now than I was when I started, the coaches taught me a lot this season and I am more confident now than ever. From an award standpoint, it was an honour to be named to the big-ten freshman team last year along with 2 other teammates, Rachel Middleman and Megan Fuller. and this year was an even bigger surprise to be named to the all big-ten second team.
What have you gained or learned from coach Lori Walker?
Coach Walker taught me to be confident in myself and my abilities. She made me believe I could do anything I put my mind to and for that I am grateful. I love her as our head coach and the rest of the coaching staff, Coach Miller and GT make going to practice way more fun than it should be.
Any advice for aspiring players, especially those at a college level and coming into OSU?
I say just work hard and do well in school. If you work on everything that is in your control, then you will know at the end of the day you gave it everything you had and that is something to be proud of.
Any hobbies or special talents?
I love reading and watching movies.. pretty normal teenage stuff. Talent wise.. if touching your tongue to your nose counts as one check me off as talented!

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